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Telecom : we offer the following services for wireless, mobile, fixed-mobile convergence technologies 

• Market studies in different countries, in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, for each technology
• Operational support to roll-out for any type of technology
• Client support in bidding processes (establishment of RFQ, RFI), and offers qualifications & evaluations
• Technical support
• Benchmarking of suppliers by region, country, technology



Green Solution are now systematically integrated in all projects around the world.  We are representing a French company for international markets. This company is proposing binders, adhesives and agro-materials with "low-carbon" footprint for industries, civil engineering and construction. Production will begin in early 2019.
If you are an investor or Industrial Cement Manufacturer, we are your point of contact:

• to obtain the exclusive license to import this technology in your country.
• to obtain the exclusive license to operate this technology in your country.


In the domains of Construction, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, we offer our services to support you at different levels : 

• Contract negotiations with clients and suppliers
• Construction & project supervision
• Quality assurance of construction sites
• Project implementation plans
• Cost estimation & evaluation


The maritime space is at the heart of globalization, and its security therefore a priority for countries everywhere and for the international community. We offer our services to governments and C4iSR suppliers. 


> We can support governments
• in their choice of technology for their Coastal Control Solution
• in their bidding process for the Coastal Control Solutions
• in fundraising efforts to finance their coastal projects

> We can support C4ISR suppliers
• in the response to tenders and in negotiations with governments
• in business development, case by case, worldwide





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